Ivy is thrilled that the Tilsleys aren't emigrating. The fuse in the Rovers' cellar keeps going. When the beer pump goes off, Bet gets Julian to entertain on the piano. She orders Jack to fix the fuse. Kevin and Sally go to Sheffield for an all-night pop concert. Gloria dresses up to impress Alan, she is upset that she's too shy to push herself and he seems to spend all his time with Rita. Gail misses Ian Latimer. Brian tells her that he's sick of her being moody. She is hurt when he tells her Ian said that she would never settle in Australia. He swears to her he wasn't unfaithful in Edinburgh. She feels awful. Bet employs Julian to play in the bar. The residents have a sing-song. The fuse keeps going so Jack puts in a heftier fuse wire. Gloria is thrilled when Alan drinks in the Rovers. Whilst Bet sleeps, the fuse box explodes and starts a fire in the cellar.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 6.15pm to allow for World Cup coverage.
  • The closing credits are played over an image of the fuse box starting to catch fire.
  • TV Times synopsis: Denied access to Vera’s new car, Jack Duckworth's pride is restored when he is called upon to perform a little 'electrickery' at the Rovers.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 11,350,000 viewers (8th place). This was the lowest-rated episode of the year.
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