Elsie returns from Blackpool with suitcases in hand to a series of questions and insinuations from Ena. She insists she's been in Poulton-Le-Fylde, not Blackpool. Lucille tries to cover for Concepta's absence and is tearfully forced to tell Harry that she let slip to her that the move to Ireland is off. She admits she's walked out and doesn't know where she is. Dennis is cool towards Elsie, even when she gives him a present of cufflinks. Harry searches for Concepta, asking Val to keep an eye on Lucille. Len has also returned, annoyed that he missed Arthur Forsyth-Jones. Harry is too distracted with worry to ask if he enjoyed his holiday. Val tries to comfort an upset Lucille. Hearing Christoper cry reminds Harry about the last time Concepta ran off and he finds her on the swings at the Red Rec again. He tells her that he can't leave Weatherfield as it's his home. Florrie sees them and interrupts their conversation as she witters on about the furniture. Concepta walks off again. Dennis tells Elsie that he knows she was in Blackpool with Len and refuses to believe her denials. Ken complains about David's monetary rewards when Frank goes on about it. He also has hassle with Ethel Tyson, his tenant above the shop, who is two months in arrears. Martha has also returned and tries to boast about Lily's house and furnishings. Ena sees through her talk. Jack drops Minnie in it by saying what a good job she did cleaning in her absence. Annie finds a number of rude postcards Len fetched Jack from Blackpool in his pocket and annoys him by saying Arthur Forsyth-Jones would have found them funny. Concepta has returned home but gives Lucille the cold shoulder. Annoyed that Harry has been drinking with Len, Concepta threatens to go to Ireland on her own. The menfolk try to decide where to go on their annual darts team outing. Elsie finds Len and tells him to go easy with Dennis as they were only together for one afternoon after they had bumped into one another. Len suggests they do get together but she points out that they have three impediments in their way: Nellie, Stanley and Dennis.


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