Sally has spent the night with Kevin at No.13. Terry spreads it around that Gloria was all over him after the party. Sally is upset when her mother throws her out after discovering that she spent the night with a man. Kevin takes her in. Ivy is distraught about the Tilsleys immigrating to Australia. Brian tries to explain why they are going. She tells him that he's robbing her of all she holds dear. Gloria is horrified to hear Terry is calling her one of his conquests. When Brian has to do a rush job, he suggests Ian takes Gail out for a meal. Kevin is stunned to hear from Percy that Elaine is pregnant. He feels cut off by his family. Brian suggests to Gail that they take Ivy with them to Australia. Alan tells Rita that he took Jenny's side against her because he saw it was a delicate situation. He makes Rita see he didn't want to risk losing Jenny. Gloria tells Terry that she'll never go out with him again. Gail enjoys her meal with Ian. He tells her how his fiancée jilted him. He tells her that he likes her and if she wants him she only has to say the word.


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