Susan is upset that Edith Tatlock is too ill to travel down for the wedding. Peter Barlow and Jessica Midgeley arrive for the wedding. Peter is furious that Ken won't swallow his principles. Vera wins a car in Woman's Choice magazine in a husband of the year competition. She is puzzled as she never entered the contest. Jack tells her that he entered the competition in her name. She tells him that it's her car as it's in her name. Mike buys drinks all round in the Rovers, causing Ken to walk out. Brian feels dissatisfied with his life after listening to Ian's tales. Ken turns to drink to drown his troubles. Deirdre begs him to forget about his hate for Mike and support Susan because he loves her.


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Peter Barlow: (about Ken Barlow): "He's always been fond of this hair shirt bit, hasn't he?"

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