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Ena complains to Florrie about the noise on the street caused by both motorcyclists and Annie's taxi returning in the small hours. Jack refuses to take Annie a cup of tea in bed as the customers in the shop gossip about her. Annie flounces down late in her negligee and Jack deliberately shows no interest in what happened on her night out, causing her to cry. She tells him she only went out with Arthur Forsyth-Jones to make him jealous but nevertheless she admits she enjoyed her evening. She thinks a caller at the front door is Forsyth-Jones but is disappointed that it's Dennis, wanting to use the phone. Concepta makes more arrangements to sell their belongings, annoying Harry by including his stamp catalogues in the haul and making an appointment for him to see Miss Crowther, the headmistress to say that Lucille's leaving. Val finds it hard to look after Ken whilst also working and he takes umbrage at him coming home for his lunch. Frank takes Val's side. Dennis tries to make out he's capable of looking after himself in Elsie's absence. Harry can see how upset Lucille is at leaving school and tells her that they're staying put. She worries what Concepta will say. Frank persuades Ken to make up with Val. Dennis is amused when he overhears Ena saying that Elsie has been a bad mother. Arthur calls round and tells a pleased Jack that he's returning back home tomorrow. Florrie and Jerry are surprised to see how much happier Lucille seems. Arthur gives Annie a present of a plant and Jack sees him off the premises. Annie is down and Jack isn't pleased when she places the plant in front of his photograph. When Concepta makes preparations to throw out Lucille's toys, she retaliates by telling her that they're not going to Ireland. Shocked, Concepta walks out.


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Notable dialogue

Arthur Forsyth-Jones: "Your wife is a difficult person..."
Jack Walker: "Aye..."
Arthur Forsyth-Jones: " refuse."
Jack Walker: "Eh? Oh! Aye, aye. She...she has a knack of getting her own way."

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