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Ivy hears from Bert's nephew Ian Latimer who is in London visiting from Australia and wants to see her. Susan realises that nothing is going to change Ken's mind. She packs her bags and moves into Mike's flat. Hilda is delighted to hear that her bureau is valuable. She books an eight-day holiday in Torquay on the strength of it. Later, Curly and Terry are stunned when an antique dealer tells them that the bill of sale doesn't relate to the bureau and offers them £110 for it. Ken tells Deirdre he's not going to fight Susan any more. Ivy arranges for Ian to come to stay.


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  • First appearance of Ivy Tilsley since 19th March 1986 as Lynne Perrie underwent heart surgery in early 1986.
  • TV Times synopsis: Confusion over history results in Terry and Curly having to give Hilda some bad news.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 12,400,000 viewers (7th place). This somewhat low figure in comparison to surrounding episodes is explained by this edition being transmitted on May Day Bank Holiday.
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