Alan takes a fancy to Gloria and tells her that he'll always help her if she needs a man. Peter tackles Ken about why he doesn't like Mike. Ken tells him it's because he's so old. Sally is thrilled when Terry kisses her. Susan tells Mike she feels that the car is too big to accept as a birthday present but agrees to have it for a wedding present. Peter is stunned to hear Ken has thumped Mike. Kevin is furious when Terry tells him that Sally is fair game. Kevin warns him to keep his hands off her. Ken tells Susan he spent so much on her twenty-first that it's going to be a while before he can afford a good wedding. Deirdre realises he's done it on purpose.


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Betty Turpin: "Do you know, it tickles me to death the way they all make for that Snug. I don't know whatever Albert and Ena would have made of it."

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