Mike is angry that Ken has upset Susan by refusing to attend the wedding. Terry refuses to track the Claytons down just to see his son; it would be too upsetting. Deirdre assures Susan that she's on her side and asks her to be patient, saying she'll work on Ken. Hilda does her best to stop Kevin seeing Sally. Alan sees the Social Services and they all agree the best thing for Jenny would be for Alan to take her to Leeds. Sally tells Hilda that she has no right to be so protective of Kevin; she's not his mother. Phyllis realises that she's spending a small fortune on taking Sam out and paying for his drinks. He admits to her that he owns some houses. Mike agrees to let Terry and Curly do his deliveries on a freelance basis as he hasn't replaced George. Deirdre begs Ken not to turn his back on Susan. Jenny tells Alan and Rita that there's no way she's living in Leeds; she doesn't know anybody there.


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