The estate agent tells Alf that they've had an offer on the empty No.11. He wants to make an offer but Audrey isn't interested in it. Ivy warns George not to clock Pauline Walsh in as Mike doesn't approve. Phyllis tells Percy she'll never forgive him for driving Sam away and throws him out of the cafe. Mike catches Pauline shopping when she should be working. He discovers George clocked her in. Phyllis apologises to Sam for his upset at her party. Audrey is stunned when Alf tells her he's bought No.11. He tells her they won't have to live there for ever. She is horrified when he tells her it's time she got a job; they can open a hair salon in the front parlour for her. Mike tackles George, telling him he's being ridiculous over his women. George gets angry and tells him he's being ridiculous - going out with a twenty-year old. Mike sacks him for clocking Pauline in. Susan is thrilled when Mike tells her she can have a big wedding.


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Percy Sugden: "It'll be a long time before I go in there again I'll tell ya, the woman wants locking up."
Bet Lynch: "Hell hath no fury like a woman what's had her love life spifflicated, Percy - even if it were with a walking screwdriver like Sam Tindall."
Percy Sugden: "Love life? At her age? The acorn's dropped off 'er tree years since."

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