Jack rings Annie from Scotland, still not happy about Arthur Forsythe-Jones's possible visit. Harry admits to Ken that Concepta's trip has proven to him that he's forgotten how to cope with looking after himself. He's surprised when Concepta arrives back unexpectedly from Ireland and asks to know what she meant by her telegram. Lucille drops him in it by telling her stepmother that the women of the street have been looking after her father. Albert buys a sash for his granddaughter for her Whit walk from Gamma Garments. Emily grows depressed at the thought that it's Swindley's last day tomorrow and suggests to Doreen that they get a leaving gift for him but Doreen is only willing to contribute two shillings. Concepta tells Harry she wants to buy her father's garage-cum-grocers in instalments but he's not happy with the idea and brings up various objections, causing them to row. Frank tells Harry that he wished he'd branched out into his own business years ago, giving him food for thought. Annie summons Minnie to the Rovers and asks her to do Martha's cleaning while she's away. She happily agrees when she overhears a call from Forsythe-Jones at the station saying he's on his way as he's up north to settle a late Aunt's estate. Ena refuses to leave the snug, even though she doesn't have a drink, as she wants to see Annie's "Brief Encounter act". Forsythe-Jones arrives and is introduced to Ena, Minnie and Florrie. He buys the ladies drinks and mistakes both Frank and Albert for Jack. Concepta complains to the Barlows about Harry's attitude and doesn't empathise with their concerns about Lucille being uprooted. Swindley grows wistful about leaving the shop. Emily has the idea of a pen for a leaving gift. Annie admits to Forsythe-Jones that she exaggerated the charms of the pub to him. She accepts an invitation to have dinner and see The Mikado in Manchester tomorrow night. Christine admits to Ken that she isn't enjoying her new job due to the rows with Elsie and Dot. Harry resigns from the buses, planning a future in Ireland. Concepta is delighted, Lucille less so.


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