Jenny settles in at No.7 with Rita. Audrey is bored of working in the shop. She wants Alf to socialise more. Jenny's aunt, Doreen Warburton, tries to get Jenny's key off her in order to root through all her things. Jenny refuses to give it to her. Deirdre tells Susan that she's sick of hearing her talk about Mike. She tells her that her infatuation is ruining her family life. Jack refuses to pay for Terry and Curly's drinks. Ken is furious to hear that Deirdre has been to see Mike. Alf locks the shop for the first time, to have a liaison with Audrey. Ken accuses Deirdre of being jealous of Susan having an affair with Mike. Don Worthington tells Rita that Jenny's father has been found but Jenny isn't keen to see him. Deirdre begs Ken not to tell Susan about her and Mike. Ken refuses to listen and tells Susan about Mike and Deirdre. He pleads with her to stop seeing Mike; he'll wreck her life.


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Ken Barlow: "It seems to me that Baldwin's only got to snap his fingers and the women of this household behave like idiotic infatuated adolescents. I don't understand it. A little weasel like that!"


Susan Barlow: “Mike and Deirdre?”
Ken Barlow:  “Tried to take her from me, and he nearly did. All in the name of what he calls love. The word that springs to his lips as easily as his smile. It’s not what I call love, Susan. That’s the man that I want you to stop seeing!”

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