Bet refuses to feel down about Frank leaving. Gloria is pleased that she doesn't blame her and they plan a night out together. Susan refuses to let Ken put her off Mike. She tells Mike that if he can cope with all the problems, she still wants to see him. The police break the news to one of Rita's paper girls, Jenny Bradley, that her mother has been run over and is dead. Ken is convinced Susan will realise that she's making a fool of herself. Jack hears that Frank has left and offers his services to Bet as cellarman. Bet tells him that she's coping well without him - Terry is giving her a hand. Mike gives Susan the keys to his flat, telling her that she'll always have somewhere to go. Don Worthington is called in as there is no one to look after Jenny. She is put into Larchfield Children's Home. Susan begs Deirdre to try to see Mike as she does. Deirdre asks Ken to let Susan be. She is distraught when he decides to tell Susan about the affair.


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