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Jack celebrates his birthday in hospital. Bet takes advantage of his situation to get rid of him from the pub. Ken tells Susan that if she sorts herself out in Newcastle, and still wants to work with him, she'd be welcome. Vera suspects that Dulcie Froggatt means more to Jack than he's letting on. Terry organises a kissogram for Jack but Vera is not amused. Susan and Deirdre make up before she returns to Newcastle. Audrey helps Alf pick new wallpaper for the flat. George accuses Ivy of messing him about when she makes excuses not to go out with him. He tells her that he's had enough of her - for good.


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Notable dialogue

Susan Barlow: “I don't blame Deirdre for not wanting me. After all, I'm only her stepdaughter."
Ken Barlow: "Oh for Pete's sake! This isn't some American soap opera! She's not Joan Collins! She's my wife! And your friend! Probably the best friend you'll ever have. I mean it."

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