Christine starts as trainee supervisor at Miami Modes and sends Dot on an errand although she is more interested in hearing from the just-in-time Elsie how her dance was. Meanwhile, Doreen is having trouble keeping awake as Gamma Garments starts up for the day's business while Emily is more upbeat. Both establishments gear up for the busy Whit Week business. Dot warns Elsie to be wary of Len if his divorce isn't through yet. She also resents Christine being supervisor but Elsie thinks she's making a good start. Len does some work for Harry at No.7. Concepta doesn't like living in the street but accepts Harry's word that they couldn't afford better on his wages, however she admits to Annie that she doesn't know how much he earns. Annie tells her marriage is a partnership and she's too docile for her own good. Doreen pushes Swindley to break the news to Emily that he's leaving and silences Albert before he blurts it out. Swindley is shocked when Emily takes the news of his departure lightly. Annie canvasses the womenfolk as to whether they know how much their husbands earn. Florrie asks Dennis if his mother enjoyed her Builder's Federation dance and he learns the truth about where she went. When Elsie pops home, he confronts her with the matter. Doreen complains that going out with Dennis was like being with a brother. Dennis feels unwanted and provokes Elsie by saying he's going back to London. She has to apologise several times. Elsie refuses to go out with Len again because he is still legally married. Concepta tackles Harry about his earnings, saying she can't understand why his colleague Eric Moorhead can afford a new semi-detached but they can't. She repeats almost word for word Annie's views back to him. Christine takes Dot to task for allowing Annie to take four dresses into the fitting room when the rule is no more than three. Albert shows off the forget-me-nots he's grown. Annie drops hints in front of Harry that a house with a garden would be good for his children. Jack tells her off for interfering. Elsie begins to think that the power has gone to Christine's head when she tells her and Dot off for wanting to leave without clearing up the stock.


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