Ivy and George return from the Isle of Man. Kevin thinks about going into partnership with Brian. Brian tells him that it'll cost a lot. Ivy hopes that George is going to propose to her. Bet regrets the holiday. Mavis cherishes her moments with Norris Birchall. Kevin plans a weekend away in Southampton with Michelle. Ivy is upset by George taking her for granted when she thinks that he wants to sleep with her. She asks him to leave.


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Bet Lynch: "All I'm saying Hilda is, the way things are going we'll be spending more on cleaning stuff than on ale."
Hilda Ogden: "And all I'm saying is, I can't do a proper job unless I have the wherewithal to do it."
Bet Lynch: "You have got the wherewithal. You've got enough flippin' wherewithal to clean Chester Zoo, never mind a little pub like this."

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