The Barlows clear out the sideboard. Ken finds stuck behind a drawer an edition of the Manchester Evening News dated 24th May 1919 which details Albert's return home from the First World War with his regiment and mentions his award of the Military Medal. Percy leads the hunt for Henry Wakefield's whereabouts. Ivy apologises to Hilda for Henry's upset and asks for forgiveness. They drink to Henry's return. The Barlows get £400 for the sideboard. They send £100 to Beattie Pearson. When the louts drink at the Rovers again, Bet takes the money for the bottles and breakages off them and throws them out, pretending that she's had karate lessons. Percy spots Henry's bike. Ken buys DIY units at trade from a client. Mike calls Ivy and Vera hypocrites when they show concern for Henry. Hilda feels like a jinx.


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