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Gail is annoyed that Ivy didn't let her cook anything for Christmas. Vera is shocked when Jack goes window cleaning on Boxing Day. He calls straight round to Dulcie Froggatt's house only to find her rigger husband Ralph is in. Ralph makes him clean the windows in the whole street to make sure that he isn't Dulcie's fancy man. Ivy feels sorry for Hilda who has spent Christmas alone and invites her round for a sherry. Debbie is annoyed that Kevin is sulking over Christmas. Bill doesn't want him to feel he's riding roughshod over him. Jack returns home worn out but £20 better off. He is horrified when Vera takes it for housekeeping. Rita feels uncomfortable with Tony Cunliffe in the evenings and she doesn't want him to spend the night. She tells him that she wants to continue seeing him. Bill is annoyed when Kevin tells him he's looking for digs. They have a stand up row in the Rovers. Tony realises that Rita will never forget Len and is only after friendship. He tells her that he wants more than that and finishes with her. She is upset that he won't wait for her.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 6.45pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: Rita Fairclough's Boxing Day effort to break free of the sadness of losing husband Len ends in her learning something about herself. As the rest of the street's residents lie back and enjoy the remainder of Christmas, is someone planning to go out to work. If so, who?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 13,650,000 viewers (This was 8th in the ITV chart although its place in the national chart is not known).
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