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Gordon Lewis thinks it's a joke that Bet has applied for the manager's job. Vera orders Jack to find a Christmas tree. Tony Cunliffe talks Rita into coming out with him for a drink. Percy takes possession of a huge Christmas tree for a children's party at the Community Centre. Bill hears from Elaine that she's found a salon. Curly starts a petition to the brewery, backing Bet. Bill doesn't want his family breaking up but Kevin still refuses to leave Weatherfield. Percy is disgusted that someone cut the top off his Christmas tree, Vera realises that Jack is the culprit. Hilda leads the Rovers' regulars in singing Silent Night.


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Notable dialogue

Bet Lynch: "How are you Hilda, love?"
Hilda Ogden: "Oh, I'm alright. It's galloping Gordon 'int it? (quoting) "I want this place shining like a new shoe today, Mrs Ogden. I want it to stand out round 'ere like the Taj Mallett"... whatever that might be."

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