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Percy feels that Bill will treat Elaine like a drudge. Elaine asks Bill to win Percy round. Bet asks Mike for a £5,000 loan so that she can buy the Rovers and he tells her that he'll see his accountant. Bill tells Percy he is good enough for Elaine; he loves her. Alf is sad to hear that Rita is going out with Tony Cunliffe. Gordon tells Bet that the brewery wants a manager, not a tenant and she doesn't stand a chance as she hasn't got enough experience. Percy gives Elaine his blessing. She goes to Southampton to look over a salon. Rita tells Tony she's not going to Knutsford; she's not over Len yet. Jack sends his application in to the brewery. Bet decides to apply to manage the Rovers. Kevin tells Bill that he's not going to Southampton.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Bill Webster's plans for his family's future hit trouble when son Kevin delivers shock news. There's a mystery at the Rovers when a newspaper goes missing. Who took it - and why?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 18,250,000 viewers (2nd place).
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