Jerry and Val attempt to pacify Christoper as he cries in his pram while Concepta goes shopping. Dennis stays in bed until midday, claiming his sleeping habits are as a result of his show business life. He wants to speak to Len about what's been going on with his mum while he's been away. Lucille gets Val to promise Concepta to let her have a more grown-up hairstyle. Albert does Val's shopping but gets all the wrong things. Ken and Val wonder what Frank will be like now he's returned from his stay in Scarborough. Shopping in Gamma Garments, Frank is very chirpy as he buys a new shirt. Sheila takes the mickey out of Jerry for going out with Rita Spears. After Dennis once again uses the Rovers' phone, Annie drops a hint that a phone has now been installed in No.9. Frank is secretive about a phone call he wants to make. Alerted by Linda's concerns, Dennis asks Len what his intentions are towards Elsie but is fobbed off that it's just women worrying. Frank and Christine bump into each other and are friendly, but no more. Dennis keeps his exploits in London to himself when Christine questions him. Ena gives Emily problems when she returns items. Val apologises to Christine for interfering in her and Frank's relationship and they become friendly again. Minnie reads a letter to Dennis that she's received from Jed saying she's sure he'd like to know what happened to him in London. Dennis looks unhappy at the thought. Jack, Harry, Frank, Len and Albert go off to play a darts match. Dennis receives a telegram whose contents worry him.


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Minnie Caldwell: "Are Frank and Christine just what you'd called 'good friends' now?"
Ena Sharples: "Well they're being what is known as civilised about it, you know. That's what marks man from the animals. Remember that."
Minnie Caldwell: "Oh yes, I will, Ena."
Ena Sharples: "And there's enough animals round 'ere."

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