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The neighbours rally round Hilda who is upset that she hasn't been able to cry. The residents give Ken stick for drinking after hours. Percy is ashamed that Elaine was caught drinking after hours and accuses Bill of leading her astray. He tells Elaine that Bill is too common for her. Alf arranges the funeral details for Hilda. Jack told the police that he was Stan Ogden. He is then horrified to discover Stan has died. Rita tells Tony that she can't see him again. Hilda decides to take out a family plot for Stan. Bill tells Elaine he'd like to take her out. She is pleased. Trevor Ogden arrives and tells Hilda that he's sorry he never said goodbye to Stan but he doesn't seem sincere. She is disappointed that he can't stay the night. Rita tells Tony that Bet warned her off him. Vera tells Jack he must confess to the police before Hilda gets a summons. Trevor tells Hilda they should cremate Stan as it'll be cheaper. She tells him that she wants a plot with room for her when she dies.


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