Deirdre calls Ken a liar because he fancied Sally and kissed her. He swears he only loves her - she tells him to watch it in future. Fred and Jack buy another load of shirts and store them in Mike's van. Audrey runs away from George Hepworth who wants his engagement ring back. She regards them as the spoils of war. Sally tells Ken she'll resign as she's sick of the mess. Ken makes her see it's all blown over. She doesn't know if she can cope with working for Ken as she still fancies him. Frank Tyler likes the shirts and takes Fred to a boozy business lunch. Brian catches George at No.5 bothering Audrey for the £500 he gave her as a tax dodge. George tells him Gail enjoyed their kisses causing Brian to go for him. Brian sees him off but George tells him he'll never know if Gail encouraged him. Tony Cunliffe is embarrassed by all the attention he's receiving from Bet. When Ken tells Deirdre that Sally offered to resign Deirdre is furious, she must have been feeling guilty. Fred has a great meal with Tyler and celebrates having his cheque for £432. Jack points out the cheque is made out to M. Baldwin.


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Audrey Potter: "It isn't easy being a gad-about you know. Late nights, tight dresses, high heels. You're always fighting your body. But what's a girl to do? you don't get gold bracelets by sitting at home pickling onions do you?"


Ivy Tilsley (about Audrey Potter): "She's had more fancy men than Elsie Tanner, and she set a record!"

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