Jack hires a market stall for £5 a week. Sally calls on Deirdre to make her see that she's not been to bed with Ken. Sally tells her all that happened was Ken kissed her. Deirdre is shocked. Sally accuses Deirdre of willing herself to believe Ken was unfaithful. Jack finds he can't sell the shirts. Fred fears he'll lose his money. Retailer Frank Tyler likes the look of Jack's shirts and buys the lot for £4 each and wants another load. Audrey tells Brian that she's finished with George Hepworth because of his interest in young girls, like Gail. Jack leads Tyler to believe the shirts are made at Baldwin's. He passes Fred off as Mr Baldwin. Ken can't believe Sally told Deirdre that he made advances towards her. Tony Cunliffe takes Bet out to the pictures. Gail tells Brian that George made a pass at her.


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