Mike tries to make Deirdre see that Ken wouldn't be unfaithful but she thinks there's no smoke without fire. Jack sells the jewellery and wants some more but his supplier only has shirts to sell. Jack buys six to see if they'll sell. Ken is furious to hear that Mike has been telling Deirdre about Billy's rumours. He warns Mike off so Mike warns him that he's ruining his marriage. Jack looks into getting a market stall and asks Fred to come into business with him fifty-fifty for £75 capital and the use of Baldwin's van. Deirdre tells Billy that Ken is not having an affair and asks him to stop spreading rumours. Fred agrees to come in with Jack and they put down a deposit on a load of shirts. Sally tells Ken it's her reputation that's being wrecked as well as his. Bet asks Tony Cunliffe out to stop him being lonely. He agrees. Betty accuses her of being too pushy. Deirdre tells Ken that she'll understand if he does love Sally but she needs to know. He tells her to ask Sally.


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