Billy buys a gold bracelet for Sally Waterman. Jack packs most of his possessions up and pays Fred to store them in his van whilst the DHSS visit. Vera discovers that Jack has been moving all her furniture out of the house. She finds he's emptied the house and fears he's sold everything. She goes for him with her handbag before he tells her that he's only fiddling the DHSS. He tells the official, Mrs Walters, that he's had to sell everything bit by bit. He tells her he has no money coming in and the family have left him. He goes over the top with tales of his mother who begs in the streets. When Jack doesn't turn up for work, Bill tells him not to bother asking for work again. When Betty refuses to bring Tony Cunliffe to the Rovers, Bet calls on him and flirts. Sally tries to avoid Billy. When he persists she tells him that she doesn't want to see him anymore; he's become too serious. He accuses her of having an affair with Ken. She tells him it's nothing to do with Ken. The DHSS official calls again and finds the Duckworths eating steak in the fully furnished room. She tells Jack that he's not entitled to any benefit and Vera tells him he won't scrounge off her.


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