Ken is touched when Sally Waterman remembers his birthday and buys him expensive aftershave. Billy pushes Sally to make her mind up about the weekend away. Deirdre gets Ken to admit he doesn't want to go on holiday but he tells her that he'll put his feelings aside. Jack signs on the dole but can't get any money as he's self-employed so he applies for assistance. Sgt Tony Cunliffe calls on Betty. She tells him that she doesn't want a lodger as she's used to living alone. He understands. Ken gets the holiday tickets. He can't resist Sally any more and kisses her passionately. She is glad and tells him that she's fancied him for ages. Betty is delighted to discover Tony knew Cyril and finds that she has a photo with them both on. She changes her mind and invites him to move in. Terry uses Jack's car but has to pay for the privilege. Sally tells Billy she doesn't want to go away with him. Billy blames Ken for putting Sally off. Deirdre begins to suspect that Ken looks upon Sally as more than an employee.


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