Jack was breathalysed. He blames Vera for treating him as a taxi. Terry has no sympathy for Jack. Derek writes to Mavis from Bournemouth apologising for jilting her. She feels that she should leave Weatherfield and start life afresh. Deirdre tells Ken that she wants them to have a holiday. Mavis doesn't like the idea of people thinking bad of Derek. She puts a brave face on things and ventures out of the flat to assure people she jilted Derek. Billy invites Sally Waterman to the Lake District for a weekend. Ken begs her not to throw herself away. He admits to her that he has strong feelings for her. Rita refuses to throw Mavis into the street for Sonia Wilkins so Sonia gives the job up. Rita is pleased when Mavis agrees to stay with The Kabin. Mavis is grateful for her support. Vera goes on a spending spree. Deirdre books a holiday abroad but Ken tells her that he can't leave the Recorder. Sally advises him to go.


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