Ken begins work on painting his front door to "helpful" advice from Val and Doreen. Jerry asks Doreen about dates that she and Sheila supposedly have and is taken in by her exaggerated description of them. Annie has gone to Derby for a few days. Martha tries to boast to Jack about her Lily and Wilf but it's clear that they're neglecting her. Elsie takes time off work to make sure the bailiffs can't get in. She rings the papers from the Rovers to get them to do a story on her protest. Jerry and Albert also "help" Ken. Swindley calls at No.11 with Emily to apologise and Elsie thinks they're there to join her protest. Concepta gets in food for her friends' meal. Rita Spears visits the street again much to Ken's embarrassment. An amused Val and Concepta interrupt her. Elsie rejects Swindley's suggestion of negotiating as well as Ena's warnings that the papers will only drag up her sordid past. Sheila and Doreen are amused when they see a familiar face - Dennis Tanner, direct from London, and dressed up in smart gaberdine mac and Robin Hood trilby hat with a jaunty feather. Elsie is delighted he is back and feeds him from Jackson's Chip Shop as they catch up. She wonders why he is back. Assured he is not barred from the Rovers, he goes to get some bottles, not taking any notice at all of her talk about the bailiffs. Concepta worries as the time of her guests' arrival nears. In the Rovers, Sheila and Doreen wind up Jerry about Sheila's boyfriend, saying he has a Robin Hood hat. When they have gone, Dennis walks in. Jerry can't contain himself and has a go at him when he laughs at the suggestion that he fancies Sheila, snatching his hat and stamping on it. Dennis thinks he's a lunatic. He returns home and while Elsie airs his bed sheets he answers the door. It's Mr Riding and his men who say they're here about the furniture. He happily invites them inside...


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