Alf gets the shopping plaza stopped. Rita tells him that she's grateful as she feared the competition. Billy asks friend Colin Harvey for a loan but doesn't get anywhere. Mike takes delivery of a computer system. Ivy thought he had been joking and is shocked by the machines. Shirley suggests they strike until Mike explains what is going on. Sally Waterman is told by some councillors that Alf stopped the plaza because of his and Rita's businesses being affected. Betty advises Billy to talk to Annie about his money problems. He decides to visit her to talk it over, telling Betty that she has to stay overnight in the Rovers. Betty doesn't like the idea. Vera and Shirley want to take action over the computers taking their jobs but Ivy isn't sure until she knows what Mike is up to. Ivy tackles Mike only to find that he has taken in a personal computer to play games on; the boxes were empty. He tells the girls that he kidded them on to teach them a lesson. Sally writes a piece, shaming Alf. Ken thinks that it's a brilliant piece but daren't print it as Alf could sue as it accuses him of putting his own interests before his constituents. Ken knows that the piece is true as Alf confided as much to Deirdre.


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