Gail refuses to be a witness at Audrey and George Hepworth's wedding. Mike finds a stuffed image of himself in the factory's sewing room. Billy assures Emily that he's after a business loan. He implies that he will spread it around about Deirdre and Mike's affair if Deirdre stands in his way of getting the money. Mike is annoyed to see the girls kicking and hitting his effigy to get rid of their frustrations. Emily realises that she's being blackmailed by Billy and decides to lend him the money. Deirdre is horrified that she's doing it for her. Gail tells Ivy, in confidence, that George made a pass at her. Ivy advises her to tell Audrey for her own sake. Betty tells Mike that Billy is after Emily's money. Gail tells Audrey about George's pass. Audrey tries not to believe the story and accuses Gail of encouraging him. Audrey decides to tick George off. Mike tells Emily not to lend Billy money. He forces out of her the fact that Billy knows about his affair with Deirdre and is blackmailing her into giving him the money. Mike tells her that he'll sort Billy out and not to worry about anything. Audrey forgives George and refuses to let the incident stand in the way of her marriage. Gail wishes her luck. Mike tells Ivy that he's finished with Japan - he's into computers now. Mike tells Billy that if he takes Emily's money he'll go to the police and the authorities; Samantha Benson told him all about Billy's crooked deals in Jersey. Billy knows he's beaten.


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