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Bobby knocks over a bottle of the Hewitts' milk and Minnie replaces it with one of hers, not needing so much now that Jed has gone. Len, returned from Liverpool, gets a message that the Barlows have received a phone call for him but it's an April fool's joke by Lucille. Within the house she's lit the fire, set the table and made breakfast. Elsie tells Len she's determined not to pay Mr Glegg the rent when he calls, worrying him. Frank gives Albert his increased rent to pay while he's at work. Ena tells them she is ashamed of them paying the rent increase and not putting up a fight. Harry is suspicious when Lucille also polishes his shoes and does her homework on time. Concepta admits she's trying to get in their good books to get their agreement to the two-week school trip to Belgium which will cost £30. Swindley tells Florrie and Val that Gamma Garments has started their credit service and wonders where Christine is getting her wedding dress from. Mr Glegg gets no answer from No.11 and is warned by Ena and Martha that the tenant means business. Edwin Mason turns up with his "secretary", Georgina, at the Rovers. Florrie recognises him as Christine's uncle. Elsie refuses to pay her arrears of six weeks until Wormold has dropped the extra. She slams the door in Mr Glegg's face. Edwin calls at No.11 to see his niece, not realising she's moved out. When he gets fresh, Elsie throws him out. Harry agrees to a delighted Lucille's trip. While Christine visits No.11, Swindley and Emily call and try to sell her something for the wedding. Elsie tells her that her uncle is looking out for her. Georgina waits for his return in the Rovers where Len tries to pick her up but fails. Edwin vets Frank to see what his intentions are towards Christine and likes him, extolling the virtues of marriage to him. Christine feels pressurised by everything and leaves the two men alone, claiming she has a headache.


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