Kath Goodwin tells Bet that Frank Harvey told her that Bet didn't want to go to the dance as she had a thing going with Fred. Bet is astounded. Ken is forced to meet Christine Glover when she threatens to kill herself. He tells her that all he can offer is a sympathetic ear. Bet tackles Frank and tells him that he's a liar. Christine tells Ken all about the affair she's having whilst her husband is out of the country. He advises her to finish the affair but she is pregnant. Terry and Kevin plan a foursome with Gill Collins and Mandy Whitworth but can't find anywhere to entertain them. In desperation they invite Curly to join in with Elaine Pollard so they can use No.3. Kath tells Frank that she doesn't want to go to the dance any more. He tells Bet she can come but she tells him to get lost.


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April 1984 episodes
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