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Elsie is perturbed to find the python is seven-foot long. Dennis tells her he's minding it for Joyce Bond who's in London looking for work. Elsie thinks Joyce is taking Dennis for a mug and wishes he was normal. Stung, Dennis tells her he couldn't bring a decent girl home because of her. A furious Elsie orders the snake out of the house. Under Ena's supervision, Albert boils his kettle and it takes forty-one minutes to boil due to the poor gas pressure. She makes note of it and makes Albert sign to say the information is correct. Martha and Minnie compare their own timings and also sign their declarations. David has cooked tea as Ida is visiting her mother. Ken worries about the cost to his parents of staying at university. Frank assures him that it's not a problem and they go to the Rovers together for the first time. Elsie is flattered when Annie tells her she doesn't look old enough to be a grandmother. Ena is annoyed that Minnie's gas took far less time than anyone else's to boil her kettle and makes her alter her form. The next day, Ena takes her figures to the Town Hall where she runs rings round clerks Phil Braithwaite and Norman Dobson. While waiting, she reads a surveyors' department notice and instantly gives up making her complaint. She goes back to the Rovers where she tells Minnie and Martha that she's read a notice about the proposed demolition of Coronation Street.


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