Percy is pleased to have won the Rover for £1. The Rovers staff hear that Annie is leaving the pub without a word to the staff. Betty feels certain she's in charge but Fred refuses to accept that. Brian has a leaky roof at the garage and Kevin persuades him to get his builder dad to look at it. Mike sees Maggie Redman in town with Mark. Vera finds a stray puppy. She decides to keep it but Percy tells her that it belongs to a little girl, Jessica Andrews, and she has to return it. Brian tells Percy it'll cost him £300 to make the Rover roadworthy. Builder Bill Webster looks at the garage roof and tells Brian he'll be able to fix it. Brian isn't happy to see Ivy entertaining Arthur Whittaker and ignores him. Fred tells Percy that he's now the official owner of the Rover and it's obstructing the highway.


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