Bill Gregory worries that Elsie won't recognise him any more. Elsie resigns from the Tropicana. Marjorie Proctor calls on Rita. She apologises for upsetting her. Rita tells her that she wants to know everything. Marjorie tells her that she met Len a year ago; Len fitted her kitchen. Her husband had died and Len had helped her talk through it. Curly invites Sharon to tea but she isn't keen. Marjorie tells Rita that she'd asked Len to see her on the day he died, that's why he died on his way from Bolton. Rita demands to know if she slept with Len, and Marjorie tells her that she did. Rita ends up comforting Marjorie as she misses her dead husband. Rita promises her that she doesn't think bad of her. Elsie is stunned to see Bill again. He tells her about his wonderful life in Portugal. Sharon agrees to have tea with Curly but asks him not to write any more poems. Elsie is thrilled to have Bill back, even if it is only briefly.


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  • Transmission of this episode was delayed by five minutes to allow for a short tribute to Violet Carson who had died two days previously. This insert gained 13,219,000 viewers and was placed third in the national charts. At 10.20pm, in the Granada region only, episode Episode 742 (24th January 1968) was repeated as a further tribute.
  • TV Times synopsis: The mystery woman comes to see Rita - and tells about her relationship with Len. Elsie Tanner and an old flame are reunited, and take a trip down memory lane.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 13,798,000 viewers (2nd place).
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