Curly is frustrated as he can't muster the courage to ask Sharon out. He writes a poem to her, putting down his feelings for her. Elsie has a lonely Christmas, alone at No.11. Rita tells Alf about her worries about Len and Mrs Proctor. He agrees to drive her to Bolton. Curly gives Sharon his poem. She is embarrassed by it. Bill Gregory returns to the Street to pay his respects to Rita on hearing of Len's death. Rita calls on Mrs Proctor but she refuses to talk to her and slams the door in her face. Elsie starts at the Tropicana and is horrified as it's so rough. Rita believes Len was with Mrs Proctor the night he died. She feels that the thought of that night is blocking out all the good memories she has of Len. Bill introduces himself to Rita and tells her that Len will be greatly missed. He is amazed to discover Elsie is still living in the Street as he thought she was in Newcastle and still married to Alan Howard.


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