Buying chips, Jed tries to sell his unwanted car to Fred Jackson but is told that he already has a new family saloon. Jerry is his next target but knows that it's Harry's car he's talking about and point-blank refuses. Concepta asks Christine to look out for a going-out frock for her at Miami Modes. Christine is tired of hearing Elsie complain all day about the letter. Elsie almost walks in and catches her complaining. Christine asks her how she would feel if she did move out and Elsie guesses that moves have already been made. Christine confirms she and Esther have been talking. Martha catches Minnie sweeping at the Mission and accuses of her of being a blackleg towards Ena. Swindley and Emily are pleased with her efforts and ask Minnie to take on the job full-time but she refuses. Len takes Jerry to task for letting Doreen and Sheila distract him from his work. Elsie asks Len to keep an ear out for anything he hears about the authorship of the letter. Esther visits Christine. The two haven't previously talked about Christine moving in but Esther says she is happy for her to do so. Christine hates the talk about her and admits she hasn't told Frank she may be moving. Albert refuses Swindley's request to help in the mission but tells an interested Jed that the job is going. An irate Elsie calls Christine cold over her moving in with Esther. She blames Christine for bringing bother onto herself and rows with Esther who has to stop herself from hitting Elsie. Emily relives her Lady Lawson Loses triumph on the Mission stage. Swindley agrees with some reluctance to let Jed look after the Mission for £4 a week. Elsie tells Frank that Christine isn't staying at No.11 but refuses to elaborate. Esther tries to make up with her but gets nowhere. Frank goes to see Christine, gets the full story from her and accuses her of running away. Fred Jackson tells Doreen and Sheila that Len was after the landlord's address a few days previously.


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Elsie Tanner (to Esther Hayes): "You know, I had an auntie that talked like you. She ended up with dandruff and religious mania."

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