Mavis spends the night comforting Rita. She can't believe Len is dead, killed on a motorway. The residents are stunned by his death. Bet and Alf are sickened. Elsie asks Rita if she can do anything as she can't settle at work. Elsie tells Rita she was lucky to have married Len. Emily brings Rita out of herself by sharing her experience over Ernie's death. She promises her that life is a great healer. Alf organises the funeral and takes care of the yard. Sharon Gaskell arrives from Sheffield to comfort Rita when she hears of Len's death. Elsie tells Mike she would like the supervisor's job. He tells her that he'll think about it. Albert is stunned by Len's death. Mike stirs the girls up by telling them Elsie has applied for the supervisor's job. The girls accuse Elsie of back-stabbing. Ivy tells Mike she'd like the supervisor's job back. Alone in the yard, Rita weeps for Len.


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Elsie Tanner: "It's like losing yer best mate, yer kid brother and the only pal and the man that yer trusted in the whole world all in one, and there's not much to lose after that, is there?"


Rita Fairclough: "I feel as if I've lost an arm and a leg. There's no tomorrow any more. My whole world's collapsed."


Emily Bishop: "It's surprising how many memories of your life together you have. Little things that remind you every day."

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