The factory girls are amazed that Ivy is no longer supervisor. Vera and Shirley ask Mike to reinstate her but he refuses. Stan is horrified that he has to have a bath for the party. Rita is fed up of Len working in Ashton until all hours. The Yeatses treat the Ogdens' party as a farewell party. Vera is put out that she hasn't been invited to the party. Mike leads Elsie to believe she could have the supervisor's job. Alf toasts the Ogdens as their children aren't around. The residents join in the congratulations. Eddie says that the Ogdens have been like parents to him and he'll miss them. Jack agrees to play the piano if he and Vera can have free drinks. Rita sings for the partygoers. The Yeatses say their goodbyes and leave. Hilda is touched when Rita sings "We've been together now for forty years". The police arrive at the party to break the news to Rita that Len has been killed.


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