Hilda invites Trevor and family to her party. Eddie sorts out a transfer to Bury bins. Hilda hires the Select for her party, loving the idea of having the staff waiting on her. Mike finds Don Watkins isn't pulling his weight. Eddie tells Marion they'll have to move on Wednesday as that's when his transfer takes place. Mike rows at Ivy for the way she lets the machinists take liberties. He accuses her of running the factory like a playgroup. Hilda is upset when Trevor says he's got a prior engagement. Ivy has enough of Mike taking his troubles out on her and tells him that she's had enough. She resigns as supervisor and says she'll go back on the machines.


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Notable dialogue

(As Hilda Ogden sings "We've Been Together Now")
Fred Gee: "Hilda! Will you stop makin' that row! Like a lump o' coke stuck under the back gate!"
Bet Lynch: "Leave her be, Fred. She's happy."
Fred Gee: "Happy? What right has she to be happy?"
Bet Lynch: "She's been wed to Stanley for forty years, and she's still outside the looney bin."
Fred Gee: "Huh. Only just!"
Bet Lynch: "Wed to Stan, forty years, an 'im about as much use and comfort to 'er as a gumboil. An' she's singin'!" (shouting) "Hilda, belt up, chuck, there's a good 'un!"

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