Christine tries to calm Elsie down as she continues to rant about the letter. She goes through the possible suspects who wrote it and says there's only one person on the list - Val. Concepta is happy for Jed to buy the car, thinking it's more trouble than it's worth. Elsie storms into No.9 and flies at Val although she swears her innocence. Elsie accuses her of getting above herself because she's married to a schoolteacher. Swindley and Emily call at the vestry to organise a night for the Over 60's Club and Ena smells the port wine on his breath. Delighted to get one over him, she accuses him of being "three sheets in the wind". Albert puts forward the idea of a bingo night for the pensioners and Swindley reluctantly agrees. Martha runs in and excitedly tells Ena that Elsie's on the warpath. Elsie refuses to listen to Christine's idea that she should just move out. Ken sees that Val has been crying. He is livid when he finds out the reason and decides to have it out with Elsie. Ena calls at No.11 and sees the letter. Ken comes in and threatens to take Elsie to court if she slanders Val. She is furious but Ena thinks Val wasn't the writer. Jed offers Harry £35 for his car after some haggling and thinks he's got a bargain. He gives him a down payment. Jack thinks Harry's got the better of Jed. Elsie writes to the landlord to say she has no intention of paying the rent increase, or losing Christine. Florrie tells Elsie that she wasn't behind the letter, before she thinks she is. Ena gets another letter from Mrs Brigginshaw to say Alice is fading fast and resolves to go to Sheffield. Swindley looks forward to being on the road and meeting his customers. Albert has a list of fifty-four attendees for the pensioners' social and Swindley realises that he'll have to handle the hall himself when Ena informs him about Alice. Val has suspicions that Concepta wrote the letter when she says Christine should just move out. Emily refuses to look after the mission. Jed offers the car to Swindley for £80. He goes to view it but refuses it when he recognises it as Harry's old banger. Jed realises he's bought a dud.


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Notable dialogue

Martha Longhurst: "It's time somebody got a grip on you."
Jed Stone: "Yeah - Brigitte Bardot."

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