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Jack can't get the Limo to start after the service and the Yeatses are driven off by Norris Stephens in his Jag. Jack gatecrashes the reception. Maggie is forced to talk to Mike at the reception. She offers to let him hold Mark but he can't bring himself to. Stan finds the reception too much and sneaks off home for a snooze. The Yeatses plan to spend their wedding night at No.11 and to fly to Benidorm in the morning. Mike tells Bet that Maggie's baby is his. Winifred Willis mellows and kisses Eddie, telling him that she likes him. The guests guess that the Yeatses are spending the night at No.11 and they booby-trap the bed causing Marion to break down. Elsie organises a getaway, booking them into the Majestic Hotel in Bridge Street. The Yeatses escape through the window with their suitcases.


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