Johnny Webb turns up for Eddie's stag night twelve hours too early. Vera is forced to go through Jack's pockets. She finds money and is upset when he doesn't hand it over of his own accord. Kevin is grateful to have a job. Ivy finds him sat reading when Brian is out. He fears that she'll lose him his job. Johnny spends the day getting drunk. Fred throws him out of the Rovers when he chats the local women up. Eddie gets Norris Stephens from Liverpool to be his best man. He can't find a decent flat for them to live in after the wedding. Kevin apologises for upsetting Ivy and is relieved when Brian lets it drop. Elsie tells Marion that she and Eddie can live with her after the wedding. Terry is upset by all the arguments at home and his parents' constant rowing. Mavis takes up local history studies at the Community Centre. Elsie hosts Marion's hen party. Fred guesses that Marion is pregnant. He tricks Stan into confirming it and announces the news in the pub. Eddie tries to stop him and Fred thumps him to the floor.


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