Marion is relieved that Eddie wants the baby. Emily organises an Autumn Fayre at the Community Centre for the hospital. Percy agrees to help her. The brewery writes to Annie with an idea about giving the staff uniforms. Marion gives up smoking because of the baby. Eddie joins her for support. She tells him that she would abort the child if he felt trapped. He tells her that she has changed his whole life and she and the baby are the best things ever to happen to him. Bet tells Annie that the brewery outfits sound good and asks her to get some to try out. Mr Pollard, the estate agent, values 5 Buxton Close at £18,500 for a quick sale. Eddie tells Marion they'll be married soon.


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Marion Willis (sighs): "Eddie, it’s just that I don’t want you to feel that I’ve trapped you."
Eddie Yeats: "Trapped me?!  Marion, do you know where I was eight years ago this very night?  In cell 405 D Block, Her Majesty’s Prison Walton, lying in that bunk night after night not sleeping, just thinking. That’s when I felt trapped. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget the rest of me life."
Marion Willis: "Eddie…"
Eddie Yeats: "And when I was released, not a soul to meet me. I felt even more trapped. I may as well have been back inside. I had nothing. Nobody could have been more lonely. I thought I’d missed out on all this. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And you, and the baby… well that’s living. I mean, that’s life, Marion. I don’t think I could go on without you. I don’t, honest."
Marion Willis: "Oh Eddie!"

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