Bet refuses to give Des Foster up. Bert is frustrated when Ivy mollycoddles him. Hilda delivers a letter back to Kitty Earnshaw who calls at No.13 and tells her that she cried over her letter. Hilda offers her a chat. Des tells Bet he'll set her up in a flat in Jubilee Gardens. She asks if she'll always be his bit on the side or if he'll leave his wife for her. He tells her that it would be too complicated to leave Edith so Bet tells him to get lost; she's not being a tart forever. Mrs Earnshaw tells Hilda that her TV has been repossessed and that she is in bad health. She's grateful to Hilda for listening to her woes. Hilda feels sorry for her and gives her £5 to treat herself with. Alf is relieved that Bet has split with Des. He tells her she deserves someone better. Bert disappears from the house whilst babysitting with Nicky. Ivy doesn't know where he could be.


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