Ken buys Deirdre a watch for her birthday. The factory girls strike at their machines as the trade delegation is due. Mike is forced to agree to pay their production bonuses. Mike tries to impress the Russians. He is disappointed that they can't place an order with him. He finds the translator Eileen Hicks attractive. Beattie accuses Ken of taking advantage of Albert. The fatties weigh in again. Stan weighs 2lb more than at the start of the slim, Eddie is exactly the same. Alf has lost 5lb and Fred 5lb. Fred is disqualified when Bet announces she knows that he had bags of coins in his pockets at the first weigh-in. Alf is declared as the winner of the £20. Eileen agrees to a night out with Mike. Beattie thinks Albert's going senile but Ken assures her that her inheritance is safe. She accuses Ken of short-changing her father so Ken throws her out.


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