Hilda refuses to let Stan eat in order that he can win the diet challenge. Bet puts Alf on a diet. Suzie is certain that Elsie won't throw her out. Elsie tells her she's wrong and she wants her gone. Suzie calls her two-faced. Trevor asks Hilda for a loan of £2,000 as he's overspent on a car and furniture. She tells him she only got £1,500. Stan tells Trevor they wouldn't give him money if they had it. Trevor tells him that he's pathetic as he hasn't got anything. Hilda is upset by their rowing. Suzie begs Elsie to let her stay but Elsie is adamant. Elsie tells her that she knows she was sacked from the Nelson because of her attitude. She meets a Salesman in the Street who's going to Blackburn and gets a lift with him. Stan suggests to Hilda that they send Trevor a few quid but Hilda feels he doesn't deserve any money.


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