Trevor and Damian Ogden visit No.13. Stan demands to know what Trevor wants. Trevor asks them to look after Damian for the night whilst he attends a job interview. Brian tells Gail that Suzie tried to get him into bed. He tells her that he threw Suzie out. Bet challenges the Rovers' men to lose weight. Eddie, Stan, Fred and Alf agree to put £5 each in a kitty and the winner to take all. Fred slips bags of coins from the till into his pocket for the first weigh-in. Gail tells Suzie they're no longer friends. Suzie says that Brian led her on and persuaded her to sleep with him. Elsie reveals she saw Suzie in her bed at midnight. Gail is relieved. Stan is certain Trevor is after Archie's money. Hilda is upset that he thinks so little of his son. Elsie tells Suzie she's not welcome in her house any more. Elsie slaps her face when she brings up her old flames and also calls her "a slag".


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