Audrey goes down with food poisoning so Gail goes and looks after her. Albert doesn't want to leave the house to Beattie Pearson as it's obvious she doesn't love him. He appreciates all that Ken has done for him. Deirdre is touched that Albert doesn't want to lose them. Mrs Lowther gives Hilda some leftovers from a party so Hilda decides to throw an inheritance party. Suzie discovers that Brian is going to be on his own for the night as Gail is staying at Audrey's house. The Barlows refuse to let Albert give them the house as it wouldn't be fair on Beattie. Suzie calls on Brian with a bottle of wine and a takeaway. Ken realises the logical thing to do would be for him to buy No.1. Deirdre thinks it's a brilliant idea. Hilda enjoys entertaining the guests at her party. The carpet man calls during the party, as does the bathroom salesman. Suzie tries to get Brian drunk to seduce him. She offers to spend the night with him.


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