Deirdre is embarrassed of No.1 when Pamela Mitchell calls it cosy. Rita advises Mavis to live with Victor as he obviously cares for her. Eddie gets Archie Crabtree's bin men to find out the goings-on at the chip shop. Victor and Mavis view the cottage again. He tries to sell her the idea on the basis of the fresh air and creative neighbours. Deirdre types out Ken's notes for his agony column. They enjoy working together. Mavis is nearly persuaded to move in with Victor until a neighbour calls her "Mrs Pendlebury". Gail enjoys helping Brian at the garage and decides she'd be more help if she could drive. Brian agrees to give her lessons. Eddie tells Hilda that Avril Carter's bin men have never seen Archie at her flat but have seen Frank from the shop leaving the flat in the early hours. Mavis tells Victor she's upset that he passed her off as his wife. She refuses to spend her life lying. Deirdre tells Ken she wants to move.


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